hydrogen compression hydroliners

Under the slogan "on the side of the planet", Gurpea and H2m attended the 'b - venture 2023' investment roundtable, where they presented a collaborative R&D&I project on sustainable engineering for hydroline stations: the 'DIRECT BOOST'.


With the presence at this event, to which the companies were invited by Wolaria, Startups accelerator of the Junta de Castilla y León, Gurpea continues working on the development of the sustainable engineering business line, specifically focused on the manufacture and compression of natural gases.


The aim of this project is to accelerate the immersion of sustainable mobility with hydrogen, as an alternative to fossil fuels that have been monopolizing the market for decades and that, as stated by Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General, "is leading the world into the era of global boiling".


Julio Garcia, Head of Management and Organization of H2m, explained in his speech that the development of hydrogen refueling infrastructure is not advancing in the market, because it is in the same loop as the electric vehicle. Its high investment and maintenance costs prevent the expansion of hydroline stations and, as a consequence, the access to hydrogen consumption as a fuel and the manufacture of cars powered by this gas.

"It is our obligation to invest and research in more efficient, more versatile and lower cost hydrogen refueling stations to accelerate their use," said Julio.


Equipo Gurpea y H2m

From left. to right: Joseba Lafuente (Gurpea), Julio García , Raúl Martínez  y Eugenio Echarandio. (H2m) 


In this sense, the concept of Hydrolinera 'DIRECT BOOST', developed by Gurpea and H2m, allows to directly compress the hydrogen at the pressure required at any time by the vehicle. In addition, the equipment's compact design and integrated into 20-foot containers, offer easy transport and location.

The key to the system lies in the compression offered by the equipment, high compression capacity and speed of response, in whose technology Gurpea works.


Maqueta Direct Boost, compresión hidrógeno para hidrolineras.

Digital mock-up of Direct Boost project.


Initially, H2m and Gurpea are looking at opening up the market through dealerships, gas stations, municipalities sensitive to green mobility, shopping malls and hotels, by developing a prototype, within 18 months, with which to evolve the technological maturity level of the project from a grade 2 to a grade 6.  

Some of the investors attending the event: Sodena, Clave Capital, Caixa Capital Risk, Kfund, Nekko Capital, Kaf Ventures, EDP, GrayBella Capital y Kapita entre otros.


More information and contact:

Joseba Lafuente
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Julio García
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