GURPEA is a Navarre company with more than 19 years of experience performing a wide range of services in the industrial environment through a team of highly qualified technicians.



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  • 2003

    Abel Moreno and Antxon Errea decide to bet on the outsourcing of industrial maintenance and decide to form a company to put their knowledge and experience at the service of the client.

    Number of employees: 3

  • 2006

    GURPEA locates the company's Headquarters and the workshop in the industrial warehouse of Mutilva.

    Number of employees: 17

  • 2010

    The effort and perseverance of the two founding partners is rewarded with second place in the final of the Antxon Errea Erro Young Entrepreneur Award.

    Number of employees: 55

  • 2015

    GURPEA thus acquires the status of certified supplier of VOLKSWAGEN NAVARRA, beginning to provide service within the facilities of the German multinational in the Sheet Metal and Assembly sections.

    Number of employees: 115

  • 2018

    We began to provide Maintenance service on a continuous basis in Madrid, we increased our presence in Álava, Guipúzcoa and Catalonia mainly. The Automation Engineering division doubles the size of the projects executed.

    Number of employees: 150

  • 2019

    All the people and divisions are centralized in a new location in the Comarca II Industrial Área.
    Gurpea celebrates its 15th anniversary managing the change from a medium to a large company.

    Number of employees: 160

  • 2021

    After overcoming the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, we gained momentum by diversifying markets and sectors with new national and international clients, mainly in the USA, Mexico and Poland.

    Number of employees: 210

  • 2023

    The growth of the engineering business line makes evident the need for greater productive capacity, which translates into the acquisition of a new warehouse in the Polígono Comarca II, increasing the surface area of ​​the Gurpea facilities to 3900m2.

    Number of employees:247


  • HONESTY, coherence, integrity and compliance, in an environment of equality and conciliation.
  • EFFICIENCY oriented to customer needs, through innovation, digitalization and new technologies.
  • COMMITMENT. We establish lasting relationships and we work on them with perseverance. looking for success.
  • OVERCOMING. In constant search of learning, improving and discovering new industrial environments.