Gurpea Tetrace México materializes its creation by attending the IASS fair at Querétaro.

Gurpea Tetrace México materializes its creation by attending the IASS fair at Querétaro.

- Main photo: From left to right: Ciro Larrañeta, CEO and partner of Tetrace, Antxón, Errea, and Abel Moreno, both managing partners of Gurpea.-

The new Mexican company, with roots in Navarre, has started its journey by attending the 'International Automotive Industry Supply Summit', one of the largest business meetings in the automotive sector in the country, which took place in Querétaro on the 31st of May and June 1, and which brought together more than 10,000 attendees.


GURPEA TETRACE MÉXICO (GTM) is the result of the union of two NAVARRAS COMPANIES, Gurpea and Tetrace, leaders in the market and with a presence in 16 countries, which have decided to join forces to put their KNOW HOW in AUTOMATION ENGINEERING, INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE and RENEWABLE ENERGY at the service of the Mexican market.

With the aim of seeking new business opportunities, GTM attended the 'International Automotive Industry Supply Summit', an expo for the automotive industry in Querétaro, Mexico, with its own stand, located in the Spanish pavilion.

An event that brought together companies from more than 12 countries, interacting in different formats and contexts: 11,000 m2 of exhibition area, pre-scheduled business appointments with decision makers, networking and conferences offered by directors of the main companies in the sector. such as BOSCH and STELLANTIS.


Positive evaluation and opening of negotiations.

GTM values ​​this action very positively, which has meant a strong commercial boost for the new company thanks to direct access to more than 30 new specialized contacts, of which 10% have already entered into a state of negotiation. In addition to in-depth knowledge of the real needs of Mexican companies, which have shown great interest in the engineering projects exhibited.


 stand gurpea tetrace 

 stand gurpea tetrace

- Photos of the team at the GTM stand at the 'International Automotive Industry Supply Summit' -


Opportunities in the Mexican market for GTM.

Several factors have influenced the selection of Mexico as a destination in the internationalization strategy of Gurpea Tetrace, among them, the rise of the activity sectors to which the company will mainly target: automotive and renewable energy. GTM will offer companies a competitive difference by offering the pair of engineering services and maintenance and repair of production lines, covering the entire life cycle of machinery and implementing automation processes that lead to industry 4.0. to the country.

All this, with the plus of having physical offices and workshops provided by Tetrace, a company that is already established in the destination.

In addition, Mexico, with an expected GDP growth of 4%, and export figures of 500,000 million dollars in 2021, is positioned as the productive base of the US, and GTM's gateway to the North American market. An example of this is its fourth place as a vehicle exporter worldwide.


GTM in numbers.

GTM enters to compete in the Mexican market supported by two companies from Navarra that combine 30 years of experience in the industrial and wind engineering sectors, solid structures and significant business volumes.
Gurpea and Tetrace together make up a new business force that brings together 550 workers, more than 250 clients, around 1,500 executed projects, 5,000m2 of production facilities, 40 million euros in turnover and a presence in 16 countries with its own office.

Gurpea has accumulated 19 years developing innovative industrial automation and maintenance engineering projects for nationally and internationally recognized clients, integrating the concept of industry 4.0 through the implementation of the latest technologies available on the market.

For its part, Tetrace, a leading ISP in renewable energies, has been offering high-quality services in 4 verticals for 14 years; Civil and offshore engineering, supervision and inspection, specialized maintenance and spare parts.


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