We join the fight against the Coronavirus

We join the fight against the Coronavirus

In spite of the adversity, we have not stopped working thinking about fighting the covid while trying to find new ways of business that allow us to recover the lost jobs. Here are some examples:



We have designed a solution for access control. This solution includes temperature recording, automatic hand disinfection, access control winch and arch nebulizer.

It is currently in the process of being approved by the Ministry of Health for the substance to be nebulized. Initially, our option is to use ionized water as it is harmless to people and has been proven to be virucidal.




In collaboration with engineers from the TECNALIA technology centre in Zaragoza, we designed, developed and manufactured an invasive respirator for severe ICU patients. The device was submitted to the Government of Navarra's tender published at the beginning of the pandemic in order to foresee possible market shortages. Finally, it was not necessary to move on to manufacturing because there was no shortage of equipment.

We now have version 2 ready with more functionalities!




Our colleague Joseba from Mechanical Design took the 3D printer home and started to manufacture the necessary material in collaboration with the College of Nursing and the covidmakers initiative to protect our toilets. The star products have been face screen holders, ear savers for masks and non touch hooks.




We have also manufactured and installed screens to maintain social distance in the workplace. Several customers have trusted our solution and we have implemented it internally.



From the beginning it has been a constant fight against the market. But thanks to our purchasing and PRL departments we have managed to ensure that there is no lack of the necessary masks, gloves and disinfectant gels to protect us against the virus.

In addition, the return to the offices is being staggered and adapting our workstations to maintain the necessary distance from our colleagues.

We have also arranged with the cleaning supplier to pay special attention to the disinfection and cleaning products used, keeping the facilities as hygienic as possible.