We are involved in a new collaborative R&D project. This time it is a project subsidized by CDTI and supported by the Ministry of Science of Innovation within the Science and Innovation Missions Program for the year 2022.

The project is led by Leading Metal Mechanic Solutions and Gurpea Systems is also participating together with AVS Added Value Industrial Engineering, Egile Mechanics, Innomaq 21 and Rovalma. In addition, CIEMAT, CEIT, TECNALIA and TEKNIKER collaborate as Technological Center.

The subject of this project, called #ROAD2DEMO, is advanced manufacturing for the development of critical technologies for the construction of DEMO and the advancement of the fusion roadmap, based on challenges identified during the design and construction of ITER.

The project is part of the global objective of reinforcing technological capacities to achieve safe and sustainable energy autonomy using, in this case, the energy source from nuclear fusion.

The objectives of GURPEA will be:

Investigate and validate advanced automation technologies to implement in the production processes of beryllium panels (FWP)
Ensure the safety and ergonomics of the production process in the production staff.
Design the product traceability and quality assurance system "0 defects".

To achieve these objectives we will rely on emerging technologies typical of industry 4.0 such as artificial vision, Deep learning, industrial robotics and collaborative robotics.

This is a unique opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge in process automation while we work for a more sustainable world and the promotion of clean energy.